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Sunday, August 27, 2006

35 Days to Pay

Finally fixed the Search Engine so it doesn't default to cheap houses. Here it is.

. . . Will someone please tell me why the Tax Receiver is so darn efficient?

There I sat, enjoying the final Saturday of August and up the walk comes Postman Dave with my School Tax bill.

School hasn't opened yet and the tax may be paid without penalty until September 30.

Guess it's a good idea to get the bills out as soon as possible to give owners enough time to prepare.

We've got a $51.8 MM school budget this year with property tax revenues covering $44.3 MM. The homestead rate is $15.5450 per $1,000 and non-homestead (commercial) properties are rated at $23.1345 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Today's New York Times reports:

Stealth Students Test Tolerance of the Affluent
By Joseph Berger
"Pelham, N.Y., bordered by the Bronx and Mount Vernon . . . budget[s] $50,000 to track down alien students. In the past year, according to Dr. Charles Wilson, the superintendent, it expelled half the 60 students it investigated."

If you think your School Tax bill is too high, feel free to call me.


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