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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Open Sunday

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Horizontal Cracks

Parts of Pelham Manor's Wolfs Lane are in a Federal Flood Zone, which means FEMA Flood Insurance is a must.

Smell fresh paint when you visit a "Just Listed" home? Upstairs floors tilted?

Homes built decades ago still are settling due to normal vibration and earth movement, which can cause minimal cracking. No biggie.

Hastily patched horizontal cracks could mean something else.

Buy a houseboat if you want to be on top of the water. Your pre-purchase engineer doesn't need a physics degree from Harvard, but make sure she or he knows what's what.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wrong Metrics

Associated Press National Story:
"Dave Armon, who lives in Pelham Manor, said he started out asking $1.6 million for his six-bedroom Tudor-style home three months ago — below the $1.82 million a neighbor received — but has slashed the price by $300,000 because he has attracted few interested buyers.

" 'l am sitting here thinking maybe if I buy a car and park it out front with a bow on it, that will help,' he said. "
Listening to a real estate professional, that will help, I said.

Wonder why Armon got quoted? He's CEO and President of PR Newswire.

Breakfast Special

We got a tip from someone who spoke with the property manager . . .
Pelham Cafe will be returning to Fifth Avenue. (Photo at left from The Pelham Weekly.)

This moderately-priced Diner-style restaurant was a local favorite and its return will be welcomed. See this week's Pelham Weekly for full story on Washington Mutual Bank branch to be built at Brick Park, Fifth Avenue at Second Street, across from

Friday, September 22, 2006

Own it

Want to own your own Pelham business?

Give us a call.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pelham's Pending

Seventeen homes have signed contracts as of Thursday morning.

Pelham is still in demand, with A+ Schools, beautiful neighborhoods and a quick NYC commute.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pass the Popcorn

“They created a Web site,, in Pelham, N.Y., where Dintrone lives, not far from Meluso's Bronx residence. . . .

'Persons of size' ask theater owners to consider providing wider seats
Saturday, September 16, 2006 BY PETER FILICHIA

"Tush Tour"
NEW YORK -- It all started in 1995, when Ed Dintrone's wife gave him two tickets for his favorite show, "Jesus Christ Superstar," at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Dintrone immediately invited Peter Meluso -- a theater buff and his soon-to-be business partner.

Dintrone was surprised when his longtime pal, despite being a "Superstar" fan, didn't want to see the show, even on a free ticket.

"I'd been to that theater before," says Meluso, "and the seats there are very skinny." Meluso is not. He has a size 52 waist, and while he won't say how much he weighs, he insists he hasn't hit the 300-pound mark.

"What I am," he says, "is a person of size."

Last December, the two advertising executives decided to spur awareness of people who don't resemble magazine models -- even though Dintrone, at 5-foot-11 and 182 pounds, isn't noticeably overweight.

Full article here.

Hope the folks planning The Picture House in Pelham are paying attention.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Rochelle High School?

Why is Pelham Blog featuring New Rochelle High School?

Because that's where to go to take the real estate licensing course.

It's the closest and least expensive program, and registration is this week, Monday through Thursday.

Registration is at the School from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the lower cafeteria at 265 Clove Road, New Rochelle 10801.

The cost is $200 and classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 (18 sessions).

Details are on page 4 of the brochure, Course No. 42.

The phone number is 914-576-4547 or 4548. Call in the evening.

By the way, New York State just passed new legislation making it tougher to get a real estate license, but the new requirements haven't gone into effect yet.

Friday, September 15, 2006


for a home in Pelham. Record price. Closed Tuesday. Info from an informed neighbor.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughtful Comment

Anonymous said...

I found your blog looking for info about real estate in Pelham. There is so little info out there concerning the Westchester market. All we have to go on are asking prices, which seem to be dropping daily.

We, like many of our friends, are interested in buying a home, but certainly not at the current price points.

Pelham's real issue, as I see it, is not the prices so much as the taxes, which are equivalent to mortgages and are worse than the notorious NJ taxes.

Paying 18K a year in taxes for a 3 bedroom house seems excessive. Is the city planning on doing anything to handle the issue?

11:20 AM


The Village of Pelham Manor just approved a retail development at the south end of town which will provide significant added tax revenue:

From The Pelham Weekly 2006-08-18

"Pelham Manor Village Board Approves Site Plan For Acadia Slayton Retail Center."

"Fall of 2007 Opening Expected"

The Acadia/Slayton site plan for a Pelham Manor retail center anchored by Home Depot was approved Monday night by the Village of Pelham Board of Trustees.

Developers said construction of the retail center likely will take 10 to 14 months, making a fall of 2007 opening of the stores possible.

The final form of the site plan reflects comments, concerns and suggestions of residents, the Village Planning Board and the Village Board of Trustees.

“Acadia/Slayton has been very responsive to the Planning Board and community concerns,” said Mayor Lorri Gorman. She noted that the developer was agreeable to several requests, including one that the Home Depot store have a “Colonial design— not the usual Home Depot look.”

After the Board vote approving the site plan, the audience of about 50 people applauded.

Approval of the project culminates a plan initiated in 1999 when then Mayor John Kiernan and the Village Board began work on changing zoning in the industrial district west of the Hutchinson River Parkway that would encourage retail development. A detailed but generic zoning code for retail centers was adopted, challenged in the courts and then validated in the courts. The Village Board then modified the parking requirement in 2003 at the request of the owners of the 14 acre site where Acadia/Slayton is building the new retail center.

Still on the drawing board are modifications to the former Kmart building at the retail center across Pelham Parkway from the Acadia/Slayton project. Levin Management, owner of that property, has presented a conceptual plan for several small stores rather than one large one to replace Kmart.

As part of the Acadia/Slayton project, the developers will spend $1 million on off site traffic improvements on Pelham Parkway that are designed to benefit both retail centers. These improvements include upgrades, if needed, to traffic signals at Secor Lane, Penn Place, Rusciano Blvd and Boston Post Road and pedestrian crossing signals at each traffic light.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ready, Set . . .


Amazing how fast everything got going right after Labor Day.

Seems like many were eager to get past Ernesto and back to the 10-months-a-year routine . . .

including the Pelham real estate market.

Took off like a rocket. Web hits and emails at all-time high.

12 Open Houses Sunday. Don't miss

1307 Roosevelt Avenue

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Let's Eat

Please feed some healthy food to our NY Times staffers.

On Wednesday, they ran a piece about . . . Pigs in Blankets (Cocktail Franks) . . . and quoted Pelham caterer Nisa Lee:

“They’re a big hit, no matter what.”

She said she liked to put a modern spin on them by using duck sausage, chorizo and andouille and by wrapping them in phyllo or wonton skins.

The following day, The Times ran a piece about college freshmen gaining 15 pounds from campus cuisine and up popped Pelham again:

“I guess some people go overboard with junk food,” said Nina Marie, 17, a Purchase freshman from Pelham, N.Y., who plans to work out six days a week as a member of the tennis team.

“But I already know you shouldn’t eat in your dorm, you don’t snack, and you can’t eat burgers and fries every day,” she added, even as she downed a cheeseburger and fries.

The Times' daily reports on Pelham's culinary preferences are whetting my appetite.

At tomorrow's Labor Day barbecue, I will wrap my hot dogs and cheeseburgers in wonton skins.

Bring your own phyllo.