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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Printed From The Pelham Weekly

Public Comment on Farmers Market Idea Encouraged

To the Pelham Community,


Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? What does it for you? Does the thought of fresh, sweet corn make you wistful for summer? Or, how about gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, practically bursting at the seams they're so juicy. Perhaps warm, cider donuts sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon sounds enticing to you. What if you could have all that and more, while strolling around with the kids in a safe, friendly, unhurried environment, to pick up an organic, grass fed portion of tender sirloin, and crisp veggies to toss onto the grill that evening?

Where could you sample this little slice of heaven? Right here, at our own front door! The Village of Pelham has a wonderful opportunity to bring The Community Market Farmers Market to us this year!

You may have already sampled some goodies from her outdoor markets in Larchmont, Bronxville, or Rye. Owner Miriam Haas started her first market in nearby Ossining in 1991. She works with local farmers, bakers and other venders who specialize in quality, many times organic, produce, meats, baked goods, wines, jams, honey, and cheeses, bringing their delectable selections to us in a welcoming, friendly fashion – the outdoor market.

The Board of Trustees in the Village of Pelham is reviewing a proposal from The Community Market Farmers Market and would like your input! The proposal for the outdoor market indicates it would be open to the public once a week, between June and November. The proposed location would be on Harmon Avenue. Ms. Haas indicated that for her to secure the vendors for this year, a commitment from The Village Board is needed by mid-February.

To show your support for this endeavor, that could be a positive link to the revitalization of downtown Pelham, please contact the Village Board via e-mail at Check the comment box, and type in your opinion in the space provided. Please, also plan to attend the next Village Board meeting next Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 7:30pm at Village Hall on Sparks Avenue, where your public comments will be welcomed.
To learn more about The Community Markets Farmers Market, go to www.communitymarkets. biz.
France DiVitto

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