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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome Fire Chief Larry Cohen

On December 15, Pelham Village got a new Fire Chief.
We are lucky to have a Chief as qualified and experienced as Larry Cohen. Welcome aboard!
But to hire the Chief, the Board of Trustees passed a law 12-15-09 authorizing the hiring of non-Westchester residents immediately before swearing in Chief Cohen, who started the job one week ago.
But did the Village have legal authority to swear in the Chief and may the Village legally pay him?
Here is the job description on the Village's web site.
We were searching on the Village's web site and could not find a copy of the proposed (now enacted) law that was passed 12-15-09.
Nor could we find a notice of a public hearing in advance of passage of the new law on the Village's site.
We understand that local laws take effect only after they are filed in Albany.
Was the new law filed in Albany?
Was it filed before the Chief was sworn in and began his duties?
Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Remembering Fireman Killed in Pelham Train Wreck

2010 will be the 125th anniversary of the December 27th train wreck in Pelham which killed the train fireman and injured many others. The train struck a portion of a 100-foot long passenger platform as it passed the Pelhamville Train Station on its way to Manhattan.

In the foreground the undercarriage of the steam engine is visible with the remains of the fire tender immediately next to it. In the background is one of the cars of the train. Workers cleaning the accident scene can be seen milling around on the tracks above and at the base of the raised grade.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Developing in Pelham?

At last night's Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting, development in Pelham was discussed. These were preliminary conceptual discussions and concerned:

Developing Fifth Avenue at Third Street -- The Firehouse and corner parking lots: A Request for Proposals is being drafted to explore funding sources for the possibility of turning over the Firehouse, its parking lot, the ground-level metered parking area across from the Art Center on the corner and the two-level parking deck behind it (which runs back to Fourth Avenue and north towards Lincoln Avenue) to a developer who would build a new firehouse and apartments and stores. The developer would have to "return" to the Village the +/-250 Village-operated parking spots now in the corner lot and the parking deck.

Developing the Boston & Westchester RR site in Pelhamwood -- At the meeting, it was noted that officials had discussions with developers who advised that 4 or 5 houses could be built on the Pelhamwood right-of-way, which is located between Young Avenue at Harmon Ave and "Little" Young Avenue, now a dead-end street off Lincoln Ave.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pelham Manor On The Cover