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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


  1. The proposed local law (13 pages)
  2. An environmental resolution (1 page),
  3. An environmental Positive Declaration form dated 9/9/13 (2 pages),
  4. A short environmental assessment form (2 pages); and,
  5. The draft scoping document (5 pages).
As you read in Friday's Pelham Weekly, the Pelham Manor Board has proposed new zoning for Four Corners.

Last year, when Pelham Village proposed new zoning, many opposed it, signed letters to the editor, spoke at Village Board meetings and mobilized against it.

The Manor is exploring whether or not the zoning change is in the best interests of the community. That's all they are doing. Manor officials are not meeting with developers and no Requests For Proposals have gone out. No public hearings are scheduled yet and no hearing will take place at the Board meeting on September 23.

We may submit written comments on the Draft Scoping Document until noon of September 23.

I have prepared *.pdf files of everything the Village has done so far. There are 5 documents. (Maggie has a copy of the proposed law (13 pages) on her PelhamPlus web site.)

These 5 documents are linked at the top of this page. Click items 1 through 5 above to see them.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me: 914-263-2750.
    Lester Kravitz


    Blogger Kevin Cullen said...

    Hi Lester,

    Just curious if you have any information on the authorization process for spending money on the environmental study? It seems, based on my understanding of the public reaction so far, that the potential zoning change (one that would allow huge multi-family buildings) is a non-starter so I was wondering why we're even spending the Village's money to study it? Did the board ask for public comment about the expenditure before it was authorized?

    Kevin Cullen

    9:46 AM

    Blogger Lester Kravitz said...

    Hi Kevin and thx for commenting. I think Alex did a good job reporting for Maggie's paper, and I know you are aware of the story. I saw it up on dops. My guess is that it appears VoPM Board did not ask for public comment about spending $ for a study, but I dunno whether it's SOP to ask for public comment for spending $ on this type of item. Maybe ask John P at 4 Penfield? I wasn't at the meeting, and I don't know what really went down. Were you at the meeting? Best, Lester on 4Corners

    7:01 AM


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