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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

School Tax Bills in The Mail

School Tax Bills are Here

The bills have been mailed out for school taxes. The town-wide rate is $19.3202 per $1,000 of assessed value for homestead properties. For non-homestead properties, the rate is $26.3736. Last year, the rates were $20.0368 and $27.1637 respectively.

Will your bill be lower than last year? Your bill may increase because your assessment increased, compared to the prior assessment year. (Incidentally, only 90 tax grievances were filed this year, the fewest on record.)

What about the School Tax ("STAR") Exemption? The exemption amount for basic STAR is $1,705 for homesteaders and for non-homesteaders (e.g. co-op owners) it is $2,293. The enhanced STAR (only for 65-year-olds or older with limited incomes) are $3,415 and $4,594, respectively.

"New" STAR, which applies to property owners who took ownership after 5/1/2015, has the same monetary benefit amounts, but instead of a credit on your Pelham bills, you may be eligible to receive a STAR check from Albany. However, you must register online at or by calling 1-518-457-2036.

Note that if your income exceeds $500,000, you are not eligible for STAR.


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